TWEET Records is representing San Francisco Bay Area singer-songwriter and band front-man TimO in his solo release album, More Than This in October of 2013. More Than This was recorded and produced at TWEET Records and is the collaborative effort of Tim Owen and Joan Pez.  TimO's songs combine poetic eloquence with raw desperation to create a world of opposites that somehow all make sense. You can check out a couple of tunes we have put up for your preview below:

TWEET Records is putting together an album tour for TimO starting November 2013. While the most common format of Tim’s live performances include upright bass, percussion, fiddle, pedal steel, guitar and keys, anything could happen on any given night. As a performer, TimO has the ability to reach into his chest, tear out the still beating heart and present it for audiences to devour.


From TimO's New Album

TimO's Album Release Party

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